Terrebonne is an excellent place for those looking for that small-town charm. With only several hundred households, you have an amazing opportunity to really learn who your neighbors are. In a world that’s more and more hung up on virtual connectivity, it can be the perfect solution to help you start appreciating the people who are actually in front of you as opposed to making hundreds of ‘friends’ across the ether. While the majority of people here are either married or married with children, you should be able to find welcoming people regardless of your circumstances. You can expect warm but not terribly hot summers and chilly winters. You’re also close to the city of Bend, so you have the opportunity to have a more metropolitan experience if you so choose.

The state of Oregon also offers the mountains, forests, rivers and coastline which are all perfect vacation spots, so you can take weekend trips whenever the mood strikes. That kind of freedom to move from place to place, depending on which part of the natural world is calling to you, is a beautiful experience that so many of those who live in this great state take advantage of. The preservation message is strong here, and you can expect to get caught up in the overwhelming majesty when you hike, fish, camp or just drive through the many scenic places around you. The affordable city of Terrebonne could just be your next perfect place if you’re looking within the central Oregon area.

  • Smith Rock State Park - 19.6 miles | 25 min
  • Crescent Moon Ranch - 0.6 miles | 1 min
  • Rim Rock Red Angus Ranch - 1.9 miles | 4 min
  • Peter Skene Ogden State Park - 2.9 miles | 4 min

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