The city of Redmond is one of Oregon’s fastest-growing residential communities. Redmond is particularly well known for its stunning setting on the easternmost part of the majestic Cascade Range. Juniper trees and sagebrush are dotted throughout the area, making it appear as a charming desert oasis. Amid all this natural beauty, residents enjoy access to fishing, mountain climbing, hiking trails, white water rafting, camping, and championship golf courses.

The city of Redmond lies on a plateau and stretches over 15.5 square miles. Redmond has the feel of a cozy small community, but yet has close proximity to big cities. Eugene is only 126 miles from Redmond, Portland is only 144 miles away, and capital city Salem is just 129 miles away. Redmond is a truly ideal central location that leaves all the best of Oregon right at its resident’s fingertips.

People who choose Redmond as their home base have the best of both worlds: A beautiful home in a gorgeous natural setting, small town life, and the ability to enjoy larger cities whenever desired.

  • Redmond Municpal Airport - 2.0 miles | 39 min
  • Deschutes County Fairgrounds - 3.2 miles | 9 min
  • Juniper Golf Course - 3.4 miles | 9 min
  • Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint - 4.7 miles | 10 min

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