Originally named “The Basin” due to the circular valley, its uniquely beautiful landscape is only one of the fascinating features of Madras. Highly revered for its picturesque views, Madras offers views of the nearby Cascade Mountains as well as several local lakes. An area that is known for its semi-arid climate, as its precipitation levels are below the national average, yet not overly so. Also known for its flourishing farming community, In addition to that, the city of Madras is fairly diverse and has a lower than average cost of living (82.5, as opposed to the national average of 100).

With highly affordable homes and a budding job market, an increasing number of businesses and industries are beginning to invest in the area of Madras. What’s more, with a number of financial incentives, including fast track permitting and fee reductions, tax abatements, affordable industrial land costs, and much more, there are quite a few perks for business owners to invest in Madras. An area with a thriving outdoor recreation life, camping, boating, golf, hiking, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, skiing, car/boat racing, swimming, tennis, rafting, and rock hounding are all popular pastimes in Madras. A great location for any family, single, or business, visit Madras and you may just decide to make it your new home!

  • Erickson Aircraft Museum Collection - 3.4 miles | 8 min
  • Juniper Hill Park - 2.0 miles | 6 min
  • Metolius - 4.3 miles | 7 min
  • The Cove Palisades State Park - 15.2 miles | 25 min

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